Tropicalia By Cocoa

Cacau Cassel (@cacau_cassel) -Idealer, owner, creative, colorful, fun, pattern maker, cutter, seamstress, stylist, musical, astral, window dresser, saleswoman, press, folder, organizer, phew a lot!

But this is the gas that was needed for this beautiful Tropicalia project to exist in the Austrian Alps. In a country that is cold most of the year, here comes the most colorful beach house in Graz, full of tropical air.

Cacau has been working with fashion since 2004, but in 2010 he moved to Austria and in 2015 came the need to open Ateliê Tropicalia by Cacau (@tropicalia_by_cacau) with the remarkable desire to create more colorful clothes, with more movement and a more exclusive production ( slowfahion ) creating clothes with more care, valuing each meter of fabric, each print, each dye, connection and respect for the environment and each customer.

And, with lots of TROPICALISM, love, affection, respect, looks, lots of prints.

And that is how Tropicalia by Cacau was born, and never forgetting the WONDERFUL team that is part of it.